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Learn more about registration, forms of payment, buying as a company and more.

Do I have to log on in order to purchase Milan Airports products/services online (Parking spaces, Parking Pass, Fast Track, VIP Lounge)?

Registration is not mandatory. However, if you make your purchase as a registered user, all your purchases will be automatically saved in your personal area, ready to be used at the airport, without the need for paper receipts or printouts.
If you purchased as a registered user, you can also access your bookings through the reserved area of the Milan Airports APP, the official application of Linate and Malpensa airports.
Only through the app all your E-TICKETs will be digital and you will be able to use them without having to print out any paper receipts.

I don't remember my USERNAME and PASSWORD to log in. What can I do?

The USERNAME corresponds to the e-mail address you provided during the registration process.
If you don't remember your PASSWORD click on this link

Shall I purchase Milan Airports products/services as a Company/Professional having a VAT number?

Yes, it is possible to purchase as a Company / VAT number after completing the registration on the website.
The data entered will be used to issue the invoice which will be sent to the email address provided.
By using the email address and password entered during the registration, it will be possible to log into the website or into the Milan Airports APP and access your bookings through the reserved area.

If you are a Company and Travel Agency interested in the B2B service, please visit this page 

I am a company/freelance professional belonging to a VAT group, split payment and letter of intent. How can I purchase SEA products/services?

Companies/professionals belonging to a VAT, split payment and letter of intent group cannot buy SEA products online. For purchases please refer to offline channels.

How can I pay?

You can choose to pay in total security with all the main credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express), with Apple Pay or by bank transfer directly from your online banking, thanks to the service offered by MyBank.

What data security measures does SEA Milan Airports take?

SEA Milan Airports uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to secure your sensitive data. This protocol helps to encrypt the information so that card details and all other sensitive data are protected.  SSL is used by some of the most important operators on the Internet.

All payment and transaction data are securely collected on the websites of our banking partners.

You haven't received your purchase confirmation email? Can't remember your 3D Secure code?

I have purchased a Milan Airports service. The payment was successful, what if I don’t receive a booking confirmation with my E-TICKET at the end of the process?

If the payment was successful but you have not received the confirmation email, try checking the Spam folder of your email inbox:
  • If you are a registered user, you will find a PDF copy of your invoice and E-TICKET in the MY PURCHASES section at www.milanairports-shop.com.
  • If you are not a registered user please call our customer service operator at (+39) 02/232323, every day from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm or write to our User Support Team.
It is also possible that if you have not received your e-ticket, the purchase has not been successful, even though your bank has sent you confirmation of payment authorisation. That is a pre-authorisation, in which case the amount will then be cleared by your bank as no service was purchased. If the above case, to go through the purchase process again.

I tried to purchase a SEA Milan Airports service online, but I don't know my 3D Secure code. What can I do?

The 3D Secure Service is provided by some banks to ensure greater security for your online transactions by assigning a secret code.
The secret password is only known to the cardholder, please contact your bank for more information.

Find out about the advantages of buying online, issues relating to your eticket, Telepass and much more.


What are the advantages of buying online a Milan Airports Parking car park?
Buying online you will have the advantage to pay a DISCOUNTED RATE compared to the standard one and a guaranteed place.
You can take the key with you in all our parking facilities, even those with a shuttle service.

What are the opening hours of the car park?
Our parking facilities are always open, H24.

If I buy online, am I guaranteed a specific parking space? 
No, you cannot reserve a specific parking space.  
However, by pre-paying for parking online you ensure that there will be a parking space available for you at the time and date indicated in your booking.
ATTENTION: the online parking purchase must be made at least 2,5 hours before the actual entry.

If I buy a parking space at Milano Malpensa Terminal 2, but my flight departs from Milano Malpensa Terminal 1 (or, on the contrary, I have a parking space in T1 but the flight departs from T2) , how can I get to the Terminal?
To travel between the two terminals there is a free shuttle service with a frequency of about 20 minutes operating from 4.00am to 01.00am and of about 30 minutes from 01:30am to 03:30am.

Terminal 1: the shuttle bus stop is located in front of the Sheraton Hotel.
Terminal 2
: the shuttle stop is located in front of the Arrivals.


Milan Airports Parking reserves free parking spaces within areas delimited by bars, where passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) and with a disabled pass can access without prior reservation. Attention, free parking is in any case subject to the availability of free stalls within the chosen car park. 
The parking facilities where you can benefit from this right are as follows:
  • At Linate: all parking facilities except P3
  • At Malpensa Terminal 1 and Terminal 2: all parking facilities. At Terminal 1, the recommended car park for location and accessibility is car park P2. At Terminal 2, the recommended car park for location and accessibility is the P5 car park. In both recommended car parks it is also possible to activate the free assistance service available at the airport (Sala Amica). 
  • At Bergamo Orio al Serio: check the parking facilities and access procedures at the link https://www.milanbergamoairport.it/it/mobilita-ridotta/
To benefit from free parking, disabled passengers must go, upon returning from their trip, to the Help Desk/Automatic Pay Station located in the Parking Help Desk - payment and assistance areas or, alternatively, to the manned checkout desks where present.
At the Help Desk you will need to scan the following documents:
  • parking card for people with disabilities (in original)
  • parking ticket, identity document, travel document (to be handed over only for parking for more than 6 hours).
Inside the parking facilities at Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports there are intercoms "Sala Amica Call Point" to contact the Sala Amica:
At Malpensa Terminal 1, in car park P2 near the dedicated parking spaces
At Malpensa Terminal 2, in car park P5 near the dedicated parking spaces
At Linate, in car park P1 near the disabled area of the dedicated parking spaces
In Bergamo, Orio al Serio: check the link https://www.milanbergamoairport.it/en/limited-mobility/


In order to access a parking space purchased online please bring the electronic ticket (e-ticket) received with the purchase confirmation email with you. Access the car park by scanning the barcode shown on the e-ticket under the appropriate reader. Wait for the paper ticket to be issued, collect it and keep it carefully: you will need it to exit the car park at the end of the stop.

You can access the car park up to 60 minutes before the time booked.  You can enter at any time after the booked time and leave before the end of the booked time. If you stay longer you can pay the difference at the automatic or manned cash machine.
The web rate is calculated for 24-hour periods, so you will only have to pay a surcharge if you stay longer than the 24 hours paid at the time of purchase.
Booking example: Entry day 16 Aug 2023 09.00 am, exit day 18 Aug 2023 10.00 am. This reservation is valid until 09.00 am on 19 Aug 2023, so you will only pay the supplement if you leave the car park after 09.00 am on 19 Aug 2023.

What do I have to do to access the Bergamo Orio al Serio Covered parking facilities or the P2 Genius area at Malpensa?
If you have booked the P2 Genius at Malpensa, the Covered P3 Smart at Orio al Serio or the Covered parking facilities A and B at Orio al Serio, after following the procedure listed above, go to the entrance column of the area you have booked and insert the parking space ticket to access it.

Can I book the car park online and enter with Electronic tool payment?
No. If you choose to buy a car park online, remember NOT to enter through the lanes reserved for Electronic tool users, to avoid a DOUBLE CHARGE.
You will be able to access the car park using the Electronic tool lanes, if you have NOT purchased online, but remember that the online purchase has lower rates than the access with Electronic tool.


What kind of vehicles can access Milan Airports Parking?
In addition to cars and motorbikes, minibusses carrying up to 9 people can have access. (The same rate applies for vehicles up to 5.5 metres).

Scooter and motorbike parking
Milano Linate: motorbike parking spaces available at the Departures area access ramp.
There is also the P2 Rider, located on the ground floor, with a dedicated entrance to the left of the car entrances of the P2 Executive 
The car park has 130 covered motorcycle spaces.

Milano Malpensa: no motorbike parking spaces available.

Can I bring a camper van or van into your parking facilities?
The maximum height allowed in our covered and uncovered parking facilities is 2.10 metres.
At Bergamo Orio al Serio, uncovered parking facilities allow up to 3.10 metres.

Where can I charge my electric car?
At the moment only at the P2 Executive Linate car park, on the 3rd floor.

Can LPG or methane cars access your parking facilities?
Yes, there are no restrictions in any car park, whether covered or uncovered.

Can I take my car keys with me?
Yes, of course. In all our parking facilities, even those with a shuttle service.


I am at the car park entrance column and the PIN / BARCODE is not working, what can I do?
Contact the operator of the parking facilities by pressing the appropriate ASSISTANCE button at the column.

If I have purchased a parking space online, but by mistake I have entered with Electronic Tool device, how can I remedy this?
To avoid a further charge, we invite you NOT to leave the car park and go to the Parking Help Desk or to the manned checkout desk with the Electronic tool device to ask for the entry reset. You will be asked for your device number and prove that you have made an online purchase by showing your e-ticket. To find out where the Help Desk parking areas are located read the information in the next question. Retrospective refund requests will not be accepted.

I have purchased online, but I am being asked to make an additional payment at the exit. What shall I do?
We recommend that you always ask for assistance, either at the help desk or at the manned checkout desk, and DO NOT PAY for parking again.

I lost the ticket collected at the entrance column, what should I do?
Upon returning from your trip, go to the "Parking Help Desk" Cashier / Areas (for location, consult the General Information section) with the following documentation:
  • copy of the e-Ticket or flight boarding pass
  • car registration document
  • identity document


  • At Milan Malpensa T1 the "Parking Help Desk - payments and assistance" area is located inside the airport, on the arrivals floor, between doors n. 6 and no. 7 (next to the post office).
  • At Milan Malpensa 2, the "Parking Help Desk - payments and assistance" area is located inside the terminal, in the arrivals area, near Gate 7.
  • At Milano Linate, the parking checkout desk and the "Parking Help Desk - payment and assistance" area are located inside the terminal, on the arrivals floor near the car rental offices.
  • At Bergamo Orio al Serio, the parking checkout desk is located outside the terminal. It should be noted that there is no manned checkout desk at the remote car park P3 Smart.


The Agreement Code must be entered on the home page (be careful not to use the promo code in the Shopping Cart box). 
If you have an Agreement Code, follow the steps below:
  1. Enter the airport
  2. Enter the arrival and departure dates
  3. Enter the Agreement Code
  4. Click on Check Availability
In the search results, you will see the already discounted promotion rate.

The PROMO CODE must be entered in the shopping cart (be careful not to use the Agreement Code in the purchase widget box). 

If you have a promo code follos the steps below:
  1. Enter the airport and the arrival and departure dates
  2. Click on Check Availability
  3. Choose the parking facility you are interested in and put it in your cart
  4. Enter the Promo Code in the shopping cart
  5. Proceed with payment

Find out how to change the booking date of your parking space.

Can I change the reservation for my parking space?

  • Changing booking dates/times is FREE.
  • The number of changes is UNLIMITED and you can change both the period of stay and the chosen parking space.
  • Linate and Malpensa airports are interchangeable.
  • Booking changes must always be made no later than 3 hours before entering the parking facility.
  • If the new booking has a higher value than the initial one, the price difference must be paid online.
  • If the new booking should be less expensive, the tariff difference will not be refunded.
How to change your booking:
  1. Access the MY PURCHASES section (if you are a registered customer) or enter the purchase code (PNR) that you received in the booking confirmation email (E-ticket) and the email address used at the time of purchase in the dedicated box "Retrieve or change your purchases" that you will find in the centre of the website Home Page.
  2. Click on the "Change" button, select the new parking period, proceed to replace the parking space if necessary and confirm the change.

I need to cancel a parking reservation for the next months, how can I do this?

If you have decided to cancel your trip, you can do so by changing your parking reservation free of charge (for more details see the answer on Changing your reservation free of charge). As stated in the terms and conditions of sale, there is no refund.

Here you can find more information about the right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

In which cases can I excercise the right of withdrawal?

We remind you that, as specified in the Terms and Conditions accepted before proceeding with the purchase, the right of withdrawal can be exercised only in the following cases:
  • The purchase must be successful and inside the request box you must enter the Email used during the purchase and the purchase code (PNR) received in the confirmation email;
  • The request can only be made by private customers;
  • The request must be made within 14 days from the date of purchase;
  • The request must be made by the date and time of the start of the service;
  • The request can be made if the purchased services have not already been used;
  • The request must not have already been made;

In particular, the right of withdrawal is not allowed:
  • If a parking space has been purchased with the Parking Pass credit;
  • For bookings that have been subject to Booking Change;
  • For new bookings generated following the Booking Change;
  • For Malpensa Express train tickets

Find out how to use your Parking Pass credit.

I have purchased a Parking Pass. How can I use my credit?

1. Select the parking product on the Home page. Select the airport, the entry and the exit date.
2. Enter the code received in the confirmation email in the DISCOUNT CODE field of the CART.
3. Complete your purchase and go!

How can I view my remaining credit?

If you do not remember your remaining credit, simulate a purchase and enter the discount code in the CART.

Validity of the Parking Pass

The Parking Pass code can be used to purchase parking spaces at all airports (Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo), regardless of the airport indicated at the time of purchase.
Parking Pass codes are not cumulative, but can be used even partially. You can reuse the same code for a new purchase. All parking stops must be made in the period indicated in the purchase confirmation email.

Discover all the details of our VIP lounges and enjoy a relaxing trip.

Where can I find the VIP Lounges?

  • Gae Aulenti Premium Lounge in Malpensa T1 is located in Boarding Area B, dedicated to Extra Schengen flights (Gate B50-B58) and is open every day from 6:00 to 22:00. It has a surface of 495sqm, for a total of 90 seats.
  • Montale Exclusive Lounge in Malpensa T1 is located in Boarding Area B, dedicated to non-Schengen flights, after passport control, and is open every day from 6:00 to 22:00. It has a surface of 1240smq, for a total of 220 seats.
  • Monteverdi Classic Lounge in Malpensa T1 is located in Boarding Area A, dedicated to Schengen flights (Gate A1-A10) and is open every day from 6:00 to 21:30. It has a surface of 450sqm, for a total of 80 seats.
  • Pergolesi Classic Lounge at Malpensa T1 is located on the first floor Boarding B, dedicated to non-Schengen flights and is located on the first floor Boarding B and is open every day from 6:00 to 22:00. It has a surface area of 430 sqm, for a total of 90 seats.
  • Alda Merini Classic Lounge at Malpensa T2 is located on the ground floor near passport control, dedicated to Schengen and Extra Schengen flights. It is open every day from 5:00 to 22:00. It has a surface area of 340 sqm, for a total of 65 seats.
  • Leonardo Exclusive Lounge in Linate is located in the Boarding Area, dedicated to Schengen and Extra Schengen flights (Gate A17-A18) and is open every day from 5.30am to 9.30pm and has a surface of 794sqm, for a total of 145 seats.
  • Piranesi Classic Lounge in Linate is located on the first departures floor, Check-in Area n.1 and is open every day from 6:00 to 21:30 and has a surface of 185sqm, for a total of 40 seats.

How do I access the Vip Lounge purchased online?

To access the VIP Lounges, simply present the e-ticket received in the purchase confirmation email when you enter the lounge.

Are children admitted to the VIP Lounge?

Yes, they are admitted; access is free for children aged 0 to 2 years old.

When can I access the ViaMilano Lounge?

Lounge access is provided for the day and time indicated at the time of booking.
The Vip Lounge service can be used by the date and time indicated in the documents sent with the Acceptance E-mail.
If you add a lounge to your parking reservation, you will only be able to access the lounge from the time after you book your car park.

What are the opening hours of the VIP Lounges?

  • Linate: Leonardo Exclusive Lounge, 5.30 am - 9.30 pm
  • Linate: Piranesi Classic Lounge, 6.00 am - 9.30 pm
  • Malpensa T1: Monteverdi Classic Lounge, 6.00 am - 9.30 pm (Schengen flights)
  • Malpensa T1: Montale Exclusive Lounge, 6.00 am - 10.00 pm (extra-Schengen flights)
  • Malpensa T1: Gae Aulenti Premium Lounge, 6.00 am - 10.00 pm (extra-Schengen flights)
  • Malpensa T1: Pergolesi Classic Lounge, 6.00 am - 10.00 pm (extra-Schengen flights)
  • Malpensa T2: Alda Merini Classic Lounge, 5.00 am - 10.00 pm (Schengen and extra-Schengen flights)

Looking for answers on buying and using your Fast Track?

How do I access Fast Track purchased online?

At Linate and Malpensa T1 reach the Fast Track gate and link the Fast Track Code with the boarding pass at the self machines located near the dedicated desk or show your E-ticket to the staff along with your boarding pass (opening time 5:00 am - 10:00 pm).
At Malpensa T2 reach the Fast Track and link the Fast Track Code with the boarding pass at the self machines located near Fast Track gate.

Does the e-ticket purchased for Fast Track access have an expiry date?

You can use the Fast Track service when you prefer, within the expiry date and time indicated in the purchase confirmation email.

In which airports can I use the Fast Track service?

Both at Linate and Malpensa airports, regardless of the airport selected during the purchase process.

The Fast Tracks are located at:
  • Linate, First Floor - Departures
  • Malpensa Terminal 1, Second Floor - Departures
  • Malpensa Terminal 2 - Departures

Are there discounts for children using Fast Track?

Access for children up to the age of two is free of charge.

Find out more about the Malpensa Express.

I would like to purchase the Malpensa Express ticket, but I am having difficulty with the online purchase.

If you have any difficulties with your purchase or need information about payment methods, please visit the BEFORE YOU BUY section in our FAQs.

I purchased Malpensa Express, but did not receive my ticket.

After making the purchase you will receive 3 different e-mails: an e-mail confirming your purchase sent to you by SEA Aeroporti di Milano and two others sent to you by Trenord-Malpensa Express containing the electronic train ticket and the receipt or invoice if requested during the purchase process.
If you did not receive the e-mail with the train ticket, please check that it did not end up in theJunk/Spam mailbox. Otherwise, contact Trenord-Malpensa Express at the contact centre number +39 02 72 49 49 49 available every day from 5.00 am to 1.00 am or fill in the form on the Malpensa Express website providing the details of your booking. You can also go directly to one of Trenord's My Link Points at Milano Cadorna, Milano Centrale or Milano Porta Garibaldi stations.

Can I change my Malpensa Express ticket?

You may not change the date of use of the Malpensa Express ticket, nor withdraw from the purchase.
The ticket can be used within 3 hours from the date/time of the chosen train. In case of flight changes it is possible to use the Malpensa Express ticket even out of the 3 hours after the chosen train by showing the Airline Company e-mail or information.

I have purchased the Malpensa Express, can I withdraw from the purchase?

There is no right of withdrawal for the Malpensa Express service.
For more details see the dedicated section on the Malpensa Express-Trenord website 

Children discounts

Children aged 0 to 4
All children under 4 travel free with Malpensa Express until their 4th birthday.

Children aged 4 to 13
Children aged 4 to 13 can travel on all Malpensa Express services at a 50% discounted rate until their 14th birthday.


Buy online the Safe Bag wrapping and protection service for your luggage, valid within Linate and Malpensa airports. Bring the code you receive via email to the Safe Bag desk. The staff in charge will wrap your luggage in less than 30 seconds

Malpensa Termina 1 and 2  from 04.00 to 21.00
Linate  from 03.30 to 20.30


Your code for the Safe Bag luggage wrapping service is valid three months from the date of purchase.


Safe Bag at Malpensa T1:
- check-in area, gate 12
- check-in area, gate 13
- check-in area, gate 14
- check-in area, gate 15
- check-in area, gate 17

Safe Bag at Malpensa T2:
- check-in area, gate 3
- check-in area, gate 4

Safe Bag at Linate:
- check-in area, gate 1
- check-in area, gate 2
- check-in area, gate 4

Service available at:
Malpensa Termina 1 and 2  from 04.00 to 21.00
Linate  from 03.30 to 20.30

Find out how to get the invoice

I have purchased a car park through Ryanair, Parkvia, Parkos or Looking4Parking. How can I get the invoice?

For all customers who have booked and purchased a car park through Ryanair, Parkvia and Parkos: you can request an invoice by 23.59 of the second day following the purchase date using this link  https://www.milanairports-shop.com/it/info-e-support/contacts-e-faq
Ex: purchase on 15/01/2023 - deadline for submission requested by 23.59 hours of 17/01/2023
 To request it you must provide the following data:
  • purchase code
  • stopover
  • company name
  • billing address
  • tax number/VAT number
  • code Recipient SDI
  • customer subject to split payment (yes/no)
  • date and time of entry
  • date and time of exit
  • amount paid
  • telephone number

If you need assistance, find out how to contact us.

How can I contact you

For information and assistance:
  • Write us from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. using the contact form on this page. 
  • Call us every day (+39) 02 232323 from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Diritto di recesso

Seleziona il motivo del contatto e compila il modulo con la tua richiesta

Ai sensi dell'art.3, comma 1,lett a) del Codice del Consumo ("la persona fisica che agisce per scopi estranei all'attività imprenditoriale, commerciale, artigianale o professionale eventualmente svolta") ha il diritto di recedere dal contratto , senza indicarne le ragioni, entro 14 giorni. Il periodo di recesso scade dopo 14 giorni dal giorno della conclusione del contratto. Per esercitare il diritto di recesso, Lei è tenuto a informare Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A., con sede legale in Segrate (MI), Aeroporto di Milano Linate, della sua decisione di recedere dal presente contratto compilando e inviando elettronicamente il modulo tipo di recesso disponibile sul nostro sito web all'indirizzo: https://www.viamilanoeshop.eu/recesso/recesso.do?type=SEA&lang=it. SEA trasmetterà senza indugio una conferma di ricevimento del recesso all'indirizzo di posta elettronica comunicato in fase di registrazione.

Potrà in ogni caso comunicare la Sua decisione di recedere tramite una dichiarazione esplicita che andrà inviata al seguente indirizzo e-mail: infoeshop@seamilano.eu.

Per rispettare il termine di recesso, è sufficiente che Lei invii la comunicazione relativa all´esercizio del diritto di recesso prima della scadenza del periodo di recesso.

Effetti del recesso

Se Lei recede dal presente contratto, Le saranno rimborsati tutti i pagamenti che ha effettuato a nostro favore, senza indebito ritardo e in ogni caso non oltre 14 giorni dal giorno in cui siamo informati della Sua decisione di recedere dal presente contratto. Detti rimborsi saranno effettuati utilizzando lo stesso mezzo di pagamento da Lei usato per la transazione iniziale, salvo che Lei non abbia espressamente convenuto altrimenti; in ogni caso, non dovrà sostenere alcun costo quale conseguenza di tale rimborso.