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Milano Malpensa Boutique

Your shopping in the airport even before you leave.

Milano Malpensa Boutique is the new portal of the boutiques and duty-free located at Terminal 1 of Malpensa, where you can start shopping at the airport even before leaving.
Browsing you can easily book your favourite items choosing from over 230 brands available in the catalogue: accessories, clothing, bags, jewellery, watches, perfumes, shoes, but also hi-tech and a wide range of sweet and savory gastronomic products, wines and spirits.
Booking does not require any payment and is not binding: in fact, you are not obliged to purchase the items booked.

How does it work? Simple!
Before leaving, browse through the on-line catalogue of Milano Malpensa Boutique and choose from the wide range of products available.
By adding the first item to the cart, you will be asked for your flight details. Depending on your destination, you will see the prices you are entitled to and the products you can actually book.
Once you have completed your online booking you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for payment and picking up. On the day of departure, simply go to the designated pick-up point, pay at the boutique and collect your order.

Start your shopping in Malpensa now!