Terms and Conditions

Online sale terms and conditions

1. Scope

These terms and conditions of on-line sales (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") regulate the sale of services, as defined below, offered by Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A, with registered office in Segrate (MI), Milan Linate airport, share capital € 27,500,000.00 fully paid, registered in the Companies' Register at the Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) of Milan under REA No. 472807, Tax Code and VAT No. 00826040156 (hereinafter "SEA"), executed from remote through the following website: https://www.milanairports-shop.com/en .

The customer (hereinafter the "Customer") is required, before submitting a purchase order (hereinafter "Order"), to read these Terms and Conditions. The forwarding of the Order implies the complete understanding and express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be in any case sent by SEA to the Customer via email (hereinafter "Acceptance E-mail"), in accordance with the provisions included under art. 3 of the Terms and Conditions.

2. Services

SEA offers the following services on its Website: ViaMilano Parking, ViaMilano Lounge, ViaMilano Fast Track, Parking Pass and the service of Truestar Group S.p.A. named Truestar SecureBag (hereinafter referred to jointly as the "Services"). The terms applicable to each service are specified in the following paragraphs. It is understood that in the event that not all services are offered, these Terms and Conditions will apply with reference to individual service offered.

2.1 ViaMilano Parking

2.1.1 The ViaMilano Parking service consists in the provision of Parking spaces (hereinafter "Parking Spaces") at parking facilities located at the Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio airports. With specific reference to the Parking Spaces at Bergamo Orio al Serio, please note that SEA provides such online sales in name of SEA and on behalf of S.A.C.B.O. - Società per l'Aeroporto Civile di Bergamo Orio al Serio S.p.A..

2.1.2 The Parking Spaces offered on the Website is subject to their possible limited availability.

2.1.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the service ViaMilano Parking will not offer any service of custody and surveillance of the parked vehicle . In this regard, the Customer declares that he was informed of the exclusion of vehicle custody prior to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, no liability can be attributed to SEA or to the third party company which manages the parking at Bergamo Orio al Serio airport in case of theft or damage to the parked vehicle.

2.1.4 The Customer is obliged to purchase access to the Parking Spaces on the Website at least 2,5 (two and a half) hours prior to the schedule arrival at the parking facility.

2.1.5 For the purchase of the ViaMilano Parking service at the airports of Linate and Malpensa, SEA will provide the Customer with a barcode (in the Acceptance E-mail) which will be positioned under the reader on the entrance column of the chosen car park. The barcode reader will issue the ticket valid for the exit. For the purchase of the ViaMilano Parking service at Bergamo Orio al Serio SEA Airport will provide the Customer, in an acceptance e-mail, with a PIN number to be entered into the numeric keypad of the column located at the entrance of the chosen car park which will issue the ticket valid for the exit.

In both cases, the entrance totem will automatically issue a customised ticket with the information concerning the service purchased. The Customer shall keep the ticket with care in order exit the car park by inserting the same in the totem at the exit. If the barcode or PIN is not recognised, the anomaly must be reported to the operator by using the intercom on the totem at the entrance to the car park. Both the barcode and the PIN number grants access to the parking facility even if the “parcheggio completo” (car park full) sign is showing. However, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that if the Parking Area is not available on the days indicated by the Customer during the purchase, the parking manager will have the right to reposition the Customer to a different car park, of equal or higher category, always within the chosen airport. The user may take any free parking space in the parking structure: there are no reserved parking spaces.

2.1.6 The service purchased by the Customer is not transferable between different car parks at the airports of Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio and is valid only for the date, time, price, Parking Space, terminal and airport specified during purchase in the recap page, which pops up on the screen directly before the Customer submits the Order (hereinafter referred to as "Recap page") and in the Acceptance E-mail.

2.1.7 "Web" parking rates are provided on the Website and refer to a 24-hour period. Prices are subject to change. The displayed prices are valid only at the time of the Order. The number of "days" (24-hour periods) charged to the Customer when submitting the Order is calculated on the basis of the hours selected at the time of purchase. The Customer can access the parking facility 60 (sixty) minutes before the scheduled time of arrival selected by the Customer when placing the Order. If the actual exit time differs from the time selected by the Customer when submitting the Order and, because of this, the actual time spent in the Parking space exceeds the 24 hour periods selected at the time of the Order, the Customer shall be charged the "standard rate" and not the "web rate" for the extra hours. The Client must pay this amount at the automatic or manned cash points before exiting the parking lot. Please note that these extra charges are applicable regardless of the reason for the extra parking time, unless the extra parking time was caused by negligence on the part of the parking facility operator.

2.1.8 Once inside the parking facility, the Customer is required to follow the instructions communicated to him in the Acceptance E-mail. The Customer is obliged, before placing the Order, to carefully read the relevant parking rules (Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa Parking Rules and Bergamo Orio al Serio Parking Rules hereinafter referred to as "Parking Rules") posted on the Website in the section term of use and also available in the proximity of the parking entrance. The Customer acknowledges that, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he also accepts the Parking Rules. With specific reference to the parking at Bergamo Orio al Serio airport, please note that such parking is managed by the company Apcoa Parking Italia S.p.A.

2.1.9 The Customer acknowledges that it is necessary to arrive at the car park ahead of the flight check-in by an appropriate number of hours. The Customer must also allow enough time to walk to the terminal building from the parking facility, given that this may vary depending on the space chosen by the Customer. The Customer must also consider the time required to locate a Parking Space, collect his/her luggage, lock the vehicle, walk to the terminal building and perform any other necessary tasks. The Customer assumes full and exclusive liability for calculating the time necessary for the above operations and therefore reaching the airport terminal in time. The Customer is also informed that SEA declines any and all liability should these operations require more time than estimated due to particular circumstances or high traffic volume. The Customer has sole liability for accounting for such possibilities and arriving at the parking facility well in advance of the check-in time for his/her flight.

2.1.10 In reference to any parking facilities operated by third-party companies, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that SEA declines any and all responsibility regarding the organisation and management of said parking facilities and under no circumstances will be held liable for problems or inconveniences suffered by the Customer in relation to the parking facility operated by third-party companies. The Customer acknowledges that in this case, Parking spaces are provided directly by third-party companies.

2.1.11 In order to avoid the additional charging of the car park tariff operated through this payment system, Customers with Telepass devices must ensure that they block the relevant device - using the specific Telepass mask - before approaching the lanes using said payment system. SEA is in no way liable for additional charges levied by the Telepass system. 2.1.12 If the Client has purchased the “web” rate, and he/she is asked to make further payment when exiting the parking lot, the Client must contact an operator by pushing the button on the exit column or at the automatic cash points to handle the problem.

2.1.12 If the Customer who has purchased the "web" rates is required to make an additional payment when leaving the car park, the Customer shall contact the parking attendant via the appropriate button on the exit totems or automatic cash machines in order to manage the problem.

2.2 ViaMilano Lounge

2.2.1 Purchase of the ViaMilano Lounge service gives Customers access to the VIP Lounge, as indicated in the Acceptance E-mail. The reservation may not be used for any VIP Lounge at the Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports other than the one specified on the reservation. The reservation is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase and exclusively for the price, VIP Lounge, Terminal and airport specified in the Acceptance E-mail.

2.2.2 The Customer is obliged, before placing the Order, to carefully read the VIP Lounge rules (hereinafter referred to as "VIP Lounge Rules") posted on the Website and also available at the entrance of the VIP Lounge. The Customer acknowledges that, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he also accepts the VIP Lounge Rules.

2.2.3 In order to access the Vip lounge indicated in the Acceptance E-mail, Customers must show their boarding pass.

2.3 ViaMilano Fast Track

2.3.1 Purchase of the ViaMilano Fast Track service allows instant access at security controls through the so-called "Fast Track" lanes indicated in the Acceptance E-mail. The ViaMilano Fast Track is valid within the term indicated in the documents received via e-mail.

2.3.2 The Customer is obliged, before placing the Order, to carefully read the Fast Track rules (hereinafter referred to as "Fast Track Rules") posted on the Website. The Customer acknowledges that, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he also accepts the Fast Track rules.

2.4 Car Valet

2.4.1 The SEA Car Valet service will (i) arrange for the Milano Linate staff to pick up the customer’s vehicle so as to allow the customer to check in immediately, and (ii) upon conclusion of the trip, deliver the keys of the vehicle to the customer so that the latter can collect it from the Car Valet parking areas provided at the airport. The service includes delivery of the vehicle, covered, unattended parking for the requested time period and return of the vehicle within the time indicated by the customer when placing the order (the “Car Valet Service”). The service is subject to availability of parking spaces and can be used during the hours indicated on the website https://www.milanairports-shop.com/en. Customers can add only one Car Valet service to their online shopping cart at time, and purchase this service together with other products available on the website. The Car Valet service must be purchased at least 2.5 hour prior to the time the service is required. “Web” parking rates for the Car Valet Service are available on the Website and each refer to a 24 (twenty four) hour period. Prices are subject to change. The displayed prices are valid only at the time of the Order. The number of “days” (24-hour periods) charged to the Customer at the time of submitting the Order is calculated based on the times selected at the time of purchase. If the actual time of delivery differs from the time selected by the Customer at the time of the Order and, due to this, the actual time that the Car Valet Service is used is longer than the twenty four (24) hour periods selected at the time of the Order, the daily rate (24 hours) will be applied instead of the “web” rate for the excess parking hours. This amount, calculated according to the applicable service rates indicated on the website for additional parking hours, shall be payable directly at the Milano Linate airport parking cashier when the vehicle is collected. The cashier is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

2.4.2 Please refer to the “General Car Valet Service terms and conditions” online at https://www.milanairports-shop.com/en/terms-and-conditions, for details regarding the service provided by SEA.

2.4.3 Upon conclusion of the purchase, the Customer will receive a confirmation Email and acceptance, with an E-ticket attached. The E-ticket should be printed and delivered to the personnel located in the area indicated in the E-ticket instructions. The E-ticket is non-transferable. However, the reservation can be changed or modified even after the E-ticket has been issued. For more information, please refer to point 4.3 of the Online Sales General Terms and Conditions below.
2.4.4 Prior to concluding an order, Customers are requested to carefully read the General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Car Valet service, which they are required to acknowledge and observe.

2.5 Parking Pass

2.5.1 Parking Pass (i) is a product that can be purchased on the website and (ii) entitles you to a credit - the value of which is higher than the payed amount. Parking Pass allows you to purchase the Parking Areas at the airports of Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio, regardless of the indicated terminal when purchasing the voucher.

Parking Pass types are listed below:

Parking Pass 60 euro: pay 50 euro for a credit of 60 euro
Parking Pass 200 euro: pay 150 euro for a credit of 200 euro
Parking Pass 450 euro: pay 300 euro for a credit of 450 euro

SEA reserves the right to make changes to the Parking Pass types by giving prompt notice.

2.5.2 In order to use the Parking Pass, the following steps must be observed:

- select the car park; - identify the airport (Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio) and the date of entry and exit from the car park;

- fill in the "Promotional Code" field by entering the code contained in the Acceptance and Purchase Confirmation E-mail;

- select the "Search Now" command to be redirected to the search results page where the prices of the car parks already reduced by the value of the purchased voucher are displayed. Only one parking space at a time can be added to basket and purchased.

2.5.3 Parking Passes are valid for one year. or the parking must be booked and completed within one year from the date of purchase. Therefore, parking lots, which can be used with the Parking Pass credit, must be purchased and completed within one year from the date of purchase of the Parking Pass.

2.5.4 You cannot combine Parking Pass with other promotional codes, but you can useit partially. You can reuse the same promotional code for a new purchase until the credit runs out. If you don't remember your remaining credit, simulate a purchase (asindicated above). The difference between the original price and the amountto be paid will correspond to the remaining credit of your promotional code.

2.5.5 It is understood that the Customer may change the date and time of entry and exit of individual reservations for Parking Areas as indicated in point 4.3.

2.6 Malpensa Express 

2.6.1 Malpensa Express is a dedicated train service that directly connects the main stations of the city of Milan with Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Malpensa Airport. 

2.6.2 The service will be provided by the company Trenord-Malpensa Express in compliance with the contractual conditions and to the information available at the web page www.malpensaexpress.it/en/information-and-assistance/useful-information/trenord-conditions-of-travel, hereby integrally referred to. In no case SEA could be claimed for the quality of the service Malpensa Express and/or of the accuracy, authenticity, completeness of the information and/or informative material concerning the service Malpensa Express available at the web page www.malpensaexpress.it/en/information-and-assistance/useful-information/trenord-conditions-of-travel and/or of the compliance of the service Malpensa Express to the informative material and/or of the non-observance, by Trenord-Malpensa Express, to the Trenord-Malpensa Express Terms and Conditions. SEA in no case will be liable of the possible damages suffered by the Customers or third parties arising from the use and/or incorrect operation of the Malpensa Express service.

2.6.3 The Customer is obliged, before placing the Order, to carefully read the Malpensa Express Term and Conditions. The Customer acknowledges that, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, he also accepts the Malpensa Express Terms and Conditions.

3. Execution of the agreement

3.1. The essential features of the service(s) purchased and the relevant price(s) will be shown in the Recap Page. It is understood that information published on the Recap Page does not represent a formal offer by SEA.

3.2 Before proceeding with the submission of the Order, the Customer must have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, the information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal and the privacy policy.

3.3 For the purposes of placing the Order, the Customer must (i) select the services he intends to buy by clicking on "Add to cart"; (ii) if not a registered Customer, enter his data for the purposes of registration; (iii) if a consumer, pursuant to art. 5.1, declare to have received the information referred to in art. 49 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 (hereinafter referred to as the "Consumer Code") including those relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal; (iv) accept these Terms and Conditions; (v) select the payment method; (vi) submit the Order to SEA. In accordance with what established by art. 51, paragraph 2, of the Consumer Code, SEA guarantees that at the time of submitting the Order, the Customer explicitly recognises that the Order entails the obligation to pay for the service.

3.4 Forwarding of the Order by the Customer represents a contractual proposal to purchase the Services, specifically identified in the Recap Page presented by SEA to the Customer and binding for him (without prejudice to the possibility for the consumer, as indicated in art. 5.1, to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code). Forwarding of the Order by the Customer implies his obligation to pay the prices due.

3.5 The agreement between the Customer and SEA concerning the purchase of Services specifically identified in the Recap Page is concluded with reception by the Customer, of SEA's Acceptance E-mail of the Customer's Order. SEA will communicate to the Customer the non-acceptance of the Order to the email address provided by the latter during the registration.

3.6 Any changes to the data entered by the Customer in the Order can be changed/corrected by the Customer prior to placing the Order.

3.7 SEA reserves the right not to accept a Customer’s order if: - there is a lack of availability in the Parking Areas selected by the Customer; - payment is not concluded successfully (i.e., there is a problem with the Customer’s credit card payment); - the Customer has previously failed to respect his or her commitments to SEA; - all Car Valet Service parking spaces are taken.

3.8 With the confirmation Email, SEA confirms conclusion of the Contract, provides this General Terms and Conditions and the following information: - summary of the main features of the purchased Service or Services; - the total price of the Service or the Services, including taxes; - a purchase code to be used in all further communications with SEA regarding the purchased Service or Services; - a completed transaction code; - a bar code (when the following services are purchased: ViaMilano Lounge, ViaMilano Fast Track, Truestar and SecureBag); - a PIN code (for Parking Area access purchases, the license plate number indicated at the time of purchase will be used instead).

3.9 The customer who purchases multiple Services with a single transaction will receive all the information referred to in the preceding art.

3.8. in a single Acceptance E-mail.

4. Prices - payment method

4.1 The prices payable for each service purchased will be specifically mentioned in the Recap Page in euros and inclusive of all applicable taxes.

4.2 Customers purchasing Services on the Website may have the option of one or more rate classes at the time of placing the Order. The Customer’s choice of rate class and service implies the acceptance of the rules associated with the rate class as described on the Website for each rate class and service. The rates of the Services are dynamic and therefore subject to change without notice, and will be updated from time to time on the Website and, in any case, communicated to the Customer before the purchase of the Services.

4.3 Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 5, the Customer may, within 3 hours of the time of entry in the Parking Area purchased, make a booking change, changing the date and time of entry and exit. It is understood that Customers having purchased access to Parking Areas at Bergamo Orio al Serio airport may only change the booking with access to Parking Areas situated at the same airport and that Customers having purchased access to Parking Areas at Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airports may change the booking at one of the two airports. Booking changes can be made on the Website. For registered Customers, go to "my purchases"; non-registered Customers can access the dedicated area by entering as login credentials their e-mail address and purchase code for which the booking change is requested. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the booking change involves payment of "Booking Change Charges" amounting to €5.00. SEA reserves the right to provide promotions on the expenses for booking changes. The Customer also acknowledges and accepts that: (i) should the booking change determine a new purchase with amount less than that originally purchased, without prejudice to payment of the Booking Change Charges, SEA shall not reimburse anything to the customer and that (ii) should the booking change determine a new purchase with amount greater than that previously purchased, the customer shall be required to pay SEA, in addition to Booking Change Charges, the difference between the amount of the new purchase and that subject of the booking change. It is understood that the right of withdrawal provided under the following Section no. 5 shall not apply to the booking changes. SEA reserves the right to reduce or suspend the expenses for Booking Changes in certain periods at its sole discretion.

4.4 For the payment of amounts due the Customer can choose one of the payment methods provided by SEA and indicated on the Website. In particular, the following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, the Master Pass payment system, Apple Pay and bank transfer via MyBank. MasterPass is a so-called digital wallet that allows Customers, by entering their login credentials, to make payments via the major debit, credit and prepaid cards.

4.5 SEA delegates the system for management of online payments by Credit Card and Master Pass to a primary bank.

4.6 At no point in the payment process is SEA able to access the Customer's credit card and/or Master Pass information, entered by the Customer directly on the website of the bank handling the transaction. The information will not be stored in any SEA electronic data archives. Thus in no way may SEA be held liable for any fraudulent or improper use of credit card information by third parties associated with the payment of Services acquired via the Website.

5. Right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 52 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 ("Consumer Code")

5.1 If the Customer is a consumer within the meaning of art. 3, paragraph 1, sub-paragraph a) of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 ("the individual acting for purposes unrelated to entrepreneurial activity, business, craft or profession"), the Customer shall have the right to withdraw, without giving any reasons and without charges against him, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Acceptance E-mail ("Withdrawal period"). For the purposes of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to inform Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A, based in Segrate (MI), Milan Linate airport, by electronically filling in and submitting the withdrawal form on the page of the Website milanairports-shop.com/en/right-of-withdrawal. SEA will send without delay a confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal form by email to the address provided by the Customer during registration. 

5.2 The right of withdrawal will be correctly exercised if the relative communication is sent by the Customer before the expiry of the Withdrawal Period.

It is understood that the right of withdrawal referred to in art. 5.1. above will be excluded:

- in the event that the Customer has commenced using the Services (before the expiry of the Withdrawal Period)

- if a parking space has been purchased with Parking Pass credit. The possibility to make a booking change as indicated in point 4.3 remains valid.

5.3 In case of withdrawal, the Customer will be refunded all payments made to SEA, without undue delay and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which SEA is informed of the intention to withdraw. Such refunds will be made using the same method of payment used by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless the Customer has not explicitly agreed with SEA differently. In any case, the Customer shall not incur any costs as a result of the refund.

5.4 In the event that the Customer should purchase multiple Services, the withdrawal will be effective for the Services that the consumer will indicate specifically in the communication of withdrawal. It is understood that, if the Customer purchases a bundle of Services, the Customer may withdraw only with reference to the bundle of Services and not in relation to each service which composes the bundle of Services.

6. Privacy

6.1 When carrying out its contractual obligations, and with respect for European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR), as well as Italian data protection laws, SEA, as Data Controller, will collect and process the personal data of customers, voluntarily communicated by the latter when purchasing a service on the website.

6.2 In accordance with articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR, as well as Italian data protection laws, all information on, among other things, the purposes and methods of processing customer data, the obligatory or optional nature of the data supplied, the parties to whom this data may be communicated and the rights of the customer (including the modification or cancellation of this data), as well as the SEA Cookie policy, can be found in the SEA Privacy notice, which the customer is expressly requested to read before purchasing a service on the website.

7. Customer obligations

7.1 In performing search operations and completing reservations and purchase orders, the Customer uses the web application on the basis of a temporary and non-exclusive licence, use of which is granted for the time necessary to complete the operation. The Customer is prohibited from modifying, reusing, coping, disseminating, transmitting, reproducing, publishing, granting sub-licence or usage rights to third parties of, deriving forms of work from, releasing, selling or using in any way that may be deemed commercial and not personal the information, news, contents, software, systems, products obtained from or made available via the Website.

7.2 Excluded are any and all rights of the Customer to claim damages or indemnification of any kind, and any and all contractual or extra-contractual responsibility on the part of SEA, for direct or indirect damages to people or property caused by the whole or partial non-acceptance of an Order.

8. General provisions

8.1 Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is necessary for placing the Order. The Terms and Conditions may be subject to change: the most up-to-date version will always be available on the Website in the section: "Terms and Conditions of sale". SEA reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, with no advance warning and without prejudice to the fact that the Customer's purchase, validated by SEA in compliance with the provisions defined in these Terms and Conditions, will be subject to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Acceptance E-mail.

8.2 By purchasing the service, the Customer declares to be at least 18 years old.

8.3 By accepting these Conditions, the Customer accepts the Terms and Conditions of Website Use, which may be viewed in the section "Legal Notes".

8.4 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the provisions on distance selling contained in chapter I of title III of part III of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005) and the rules governing electronic commerce provided for in Legislative Decree No. 70/2003.

8.5 For any requirement or claim related to the purchase of the Services on the Website, the Customer can contact SEA using the online form available by clicking on WRITE US at the page www.milanairports-shop.com/en/info-and-support/contacts-and-faq

8.6 The invalidity, in whole or in part, of one or more clauses of these Terms and Conditions will not entail the invalidity thereof, nor that of the partially invalid clause.

8.7 In the event that an error occurred when submitting the Order, a message will appear on screen to inform the Customer regarding the non-submission of the Order.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

9.1 If the Customer is a consumer, as defined by art. 5.1, the competence for civil disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions is the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if situated on the territory of the Italian State. In all other cases, the exclusive place of jurisdiction will be the Court of Milan.

9.2 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law. 9.3 Excluding as expressly provided in this agreement, reference is made to the Italian Civil Code, Book IV, Title II.

Diritto di recesso

Seleziona il motivo del contatto e compila il modulo con la tua richiesta

Ai sensi dell'art.3, comma 1,lett a) del Codice del Consumo ("la persona fisica che agisce per scopi estranei all'attività imprenditoriale, commerciale, artigianale o professionale eventualmente svolta") ha il diritto di recedere dal contratto , senza indicarne le ragioni, entro 14 giorni. Il periodo di recesso scade dopo 14 giorni dal giorno della conclusione del contratto. Per esercitare il diritto di recesso, Lei è tenuto a informare Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A., con sede legale in Segrate (MI), Aeroporto di Milano Linate, della sua decisione di recedere dal presente contratto compilando e inviando elettronicamente il modulo tipo di recesso disponibile sul nostro sito web all'indirizzo: https://www.viamilanoeshop.eu/recesso/recesso.do?type=SEA&lang=it. SEA trasmetterà senza indugio una conferma di ricevimento del recesso all'indirizzo di posta elettronica comunicato in fase di registrazione.

Potrà in ogni caso comunicare la Sua decisione di recedere tramite una dichiarazione esplicita che andrà inviata al seguente indirizzo e-mail: infoeshop@seamilano.eu.

Per rispettare il termine di recesso, è sufficiente che Lei invii la comunicazione relativa all´esercizio del diritto di recesso prima della scadenza del periodo di recesso.

Effetti del recesso

Se Lei recede dal presente contratto, Le saranno rimborsati tutti i pagamenti che ha effettuato a nostro favore, senza indebito ritardo e in ogni caso non oltre 14 giorni dal giorno in cui siamo informati della Sua decisione di recedere dal presente contratto. Detti rimborsi saranno effettuati utilizzando lo stesso mezzo di pagamento da Lei usato per la transazione iniziale, salvo che Lei non abbia espressamente convenuto altrimenti; in ogni caso, non dovrà sostenere alcun costo quale conseguenza di tale rimborso.